About me

Hi, and welcome to my corner of the Internet! My name is Eugene Romero, I am a 30-something year old technology enthusiast. I work as a Cloud and DevOps Engineer for Capgemini. My technical interests include DevOps methodologies and processes, Cloud technologies, Linux, Automation, Infrastructure-As-Code, and other similar pursuits. Most posts on this blog will probably be on some of those subjects.

When I am not hard at work, I also enjoy finding, restoring, modifying and collecting retro gaming items, most notably Game Boys. A section of this blog is therefore dedicated to posts on that subject.

Finally, other things I enjoy are sports, especially football (both kinds), helping people, and travelling.

I hope you find some of the information in my blog useful. If you would like to reach out, you can do that through the channels linked on the homepage.

Profile picture shamelessly ripped from the wonderful XKCD webcomic.